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Family - Bidisha Ghosh


I was chatting with one my colleague the other day, who also happens to be my Facebook friend and she said that I seem to have lots of nice pictures of my ‘family functions’ on Facebook. I was surprised since there’s not many family functions that I get to attend in Canada. After probing for some time, I found out that, she looked at the Pujo pictures from last year and thought that it is some sort of a Desi family gathering (since you know, Indian families are tend to be big families..:)).

After explaining to her about Durga Pujo, its significance and such, she asked me something I get asked every so often. ‘Don’t you miss your family during such times’? Well sure I do, I mean who doesn’t – right? I started musing about this while driving back home (yes driving on 401 often brings the profound thinker in me J).

Remember your roommate who stayed up the whole night with you when you were sick and feeling lonely in college hostel? Or maybe the neighbors of the apartment you rented near your office? How they invited you for meals every now and then, because you didn’t know how to cook and that was obvious?  For many new couples, how the friends help them setting up their ‘first home’ after marriage; while parents and relatives brood how to get their estranged child back home? Aren’t they family as well?


I have been away from my home for so many years now and all through, I am blessed to meet people who treated me as their own with lots of love, concern and kindness. Friends, roommates, colleagues, and neighbors – so many made me feel loved in each one’s own special way and made me part of their lives. I am sure you all share similar experiences.

Our world is sometimes surprisingly filled with kindness and compassion from people we never earlier knew they exist! People who shared food with us in trains, those who carried our sibling to hospital after an accident, someone we had met in the bus everyday on way to college, and who knew all about our problems - aren’t these people cherished by us like family? And, if I may say so, aren’t these people sometimes more close to us than our distant uncles/aunts/cousins, who we meet for a short time during rare family functions?  After all, the people who matter to us a lot often have been chosen by us with love and affection, without any thought to differences amongst us..

People may say that the world is a bad place to live in. There might be hatred all around us these days. However, there is infinite goodness to counter all the evil. During this festive season, when once again we are celebrating the ultimate victory of good over evil and re-bond with our friends, I feel happy that I have a large family spread all over the world. 

About Bidisha:

About me - Mother, wife, Daughter. I love to eat, shop and read. I also pretend to work for a living.  Optimistic, friendly,  happy…cynical, loner, grumpy...I am full of contradictions. I love Kolkata (and Howrah where I grew up). And I (Heart) Toronto too :)


#6 shovini 2013-10-28 18:31
Very nice Bidisha di..can very much relate... and agree
#5 Nandita 2013-10-08 22:06
Lovely thought many people touch our lives in differnt ways..
#4 Mimi Paul 2013-10-06 20:22
Very nostalgic...lov ed reading it...
#3 Anuradha Sen 2013-10-06 18:17
A celebration in any culture is a time to remember all the goodness and compassion surrounding us in our lives. There are so many bonds we form that last a lifetime! Thanks for reminding us of that
#2 Arpita Saha 2013-10-05 03:45
awwwwwwwwwww such heart-wrenching . So very true.
#1 Anindita 2013-10-04 15:30
Beautiful write up .... I can so relate to this...

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