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Tribute to Rituparno


Dear Friends!

Hope you all are enjoying the dwindling yet brightest days of this summer as much as I am. This time around we are presenting you a slight but sincere attempt of portraying a great artist as a dedication to his colorful vision. In this edition of Amar Potrika, we are bringing you the story of a director with a bold & ethereal vision in an equally impressive way articulated, designed and presented by Indranil. Also for you to read is an interesting account of the intensity and extent of a story well told in 'Amaar chokhe Rituparno Ghosh' by Nanda.

Apparent enough, this mighty soul had many a followers and  so, we bring you a short but honest appreciation of his work in 'Rituparno Ghosh- Neither an eulogy nor a crtical review' by Angshu. We all miss him and the void he left will be difficult to fill and yet we all want to bid him a grand farewell and wishing him peace is this farewell message, 'Adieu' by Nandita, and an imaginative account of interview with late Rituparno by Souvik. And last but not the least, And last but not the least, is a little something I could not help but reflect on, on our 67th Independence Day- 'Maa Tujhe Salaam' by Me!

We at 'Amar Potrika' hope you like reading the little contributions from your friends and encourage us and yourselves by posting your comments and sending us your feedback. 

Signing off with a sincere hope to hear more from each one of you in coming editions

Happy Reading!


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