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Saptamir Tel Koi and Elo Jhelo - Lipina Chakraborty



Tel Koi


1. Fish Koi (500gms)
2. bay leaf (1)
3. mustard oil (200gms)
4. green chilies (6)
5. ginger paste (1tsp)
6. cumin powder (1/2tsp)
7. chili powder (1tsp)
8. coriander powder (1tsp)
9. turmeric powder (1tsp)
10. yogurt (50gms)
11. salt (to taste)
12. water (1c)

Method of preparation:-

1. Take fish, wash it and then rub salt and turmeric powder to it. Keep it aside in a bowl for sometime.
2. Take a pan, place it over heat and then fry fish pieces in it and keep them aside. Then sauté ginger, cumin, slit green chilies and bay leaf in oil. Add coriander powder, chili powder, ginger paste and turmeric powder in it and mix it well.
3. Fry this mixture until the oil gets separate and then add the yogurt in it. Add salt and a cup of water in it. Reduce the heat to low and keep it to simmer until the water gets absorbed. Now take off the pan from heat and Tel Koi is ready to serve.

Elo Jhelo

Maida - 2 cup
Water - less than 1/2 cup
White Oil - 1/4 cup (for dough)
Oil - 1 cup (for frying)
For Syrup:
Sugar - 1 cup
Water - 1/4 cup
Take maida in a bowl. To it add oil and mix well for 3-4 min.
Then add water to make it into a tight dough. Knead well for 5 min. Make sure the dough is not loose. Keep aside covered for 15 minutes.
Divide into small balls. Using a rolling pin, flatten the balls to thin oval shapes
Using a knife make small slits through the pancakes, NOT upto the edges.
Make small folds inbetween slits

Cooking procedure:
Heat oil in kadai till medium hot.
Add the prepared elo jhelo to oil and fry on slow heat.
Remove the elo jhelo when brown and keep aside. Drain excess oil by keeping the fries on a paper towel.
In a separate pan mix sugar and water and heat. On high heat after about 2-3 minutes the syrup thickens and becomes sticky.
When white bubbles start to show from bottom immediately add the fried elo jhelo and stir constantly on low heat so that all crackers are coated. While stirring turn off heat after 10-20 secs. If too much heat is applied at this stage the sugar for too long the sugar will come off from the nimki.
P.S: want to take the advantage of being in North America.Avoid making the syrup enjoy using 'aunt jemima'syrup or our very own maple syrup.

Lipina Chakraborty


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