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Summerlicious! - Debarati Chatterjee


Phew! What a week! I feel like sitting in a bath tub filled with ice cubes and drink a chilled glass of Sangria. Yes! That would be nice and neat. Well, on second thoughts, I wish I can have a chilled glass of Mum made Mango milk shake! Even ‘Panna’ will do. Oh, and some litchi. While I am at it, I might as well eat some street side kulfi. If only my imagination had wings! I have been watching a lot of ‘Bewitched’ lately, ahem! Never mind.

So where was I? This past week, Right! So Wimbledon happened. Not that I have ever been a consistent follower (my attention span is extremely short), but this year I planted myself and watched the game and boy am I glad?? I got to watch some real hard ball! The opponents were evenly matched what with the big names out of the picture. Of course I missed watching Federer but the men’s semis match was something else! For those who did not, it was a 5 hour long match and a total eye popper! Oh and Nole won though I was rooting for Potro!


Now, with Wimbledon aside, what else was happening in Toronto? The Pride Parade and Fireworks on Canada’s Birthday in the company of a luscious summer sun! I wanted to experience the Pride Parade (from the sidelines of course) but wasn’t sure if I had the appetite to handle the extreme cultural shift. No, I am not biased and no, I am not against but I am not a believer in celebrating who I am, in a public charade either. With no offence to anyone, I am glad Torontonians enjoyed the event and had a good time J

The fireworks on the other hand were beautiful to watch as is the spirit of this Nation. Now I can’t remember the last time I celebrated either the Independence or the Republic day back home. I think it was in school last. That was more than a decade ago! Wow! I feel ancient. Well well! Let’s not brood over age now, let’s take pride in the acquired wisdom instead. I just visited Monsters University, see? Bad joke, no doubt! Excuse me, but I happened to read the synopsis of Revolution 2020 by Chetan Bhagat in midst of writing this post and it has messed up my mood. What went wrong with Mr.Bhagat? Is he a Novelist or a Hindi masala movie script writer? What a waste! On the subject of books, read the much awaited Khaled Hosseini latest, “And the mountains echoed”. My oh my, isn’t he talented! A stellar story teller if I may say so. 

And if I don’t mention this, I am not a ‘probashi’ Bong (apparently)! Over the past month, my bong friends on Facebook (and in real) have been talking non-stop about NABC 2013. This year it is in Toronto. Apparently it is very prestigious and everyone is supposed to know about it. So, we met a bong colleague in a company sponsored event the week before and the moment he heard my man’s name he goes, “Chatterjee? Bangali? NABC te aascho toh?” We stole a look at each other and nodded our heads in unison making a mental note to google NABC.

Now that it’s done and over, I’m sure you all enjoyed the event very much. Why don’t you share your experience with us? We at Amar Pujo Blog look forward to revel in your experience. Please share your memories with us. Please write to usJ

Signing off, Debarati Chatterjee



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