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Amar Potrika - by Anasuya Bhattacharjee



Dear Friends,

With immense pleasure on part of the Amar Pujo Toronto community we proudly present before you the first edition of our e-magazine 'Amar Potrika'. This publication will come to represent not just all that forms and describes our community but will sail beyond as the reach or the content is neither socially nor culturally restrictive. Complete power of speech is granted - within legitimate bounds, of course!!. This will be a platform for you to portray your mind both on a personal and professional level. In sum, this is just what you come to associate with the word AMAR POTRIKA. 

Amar Potrika will remain a chronicle of the time bygone and the time yet to come. Take a few trips down the memory lane and reminisce in the glory of your childhood, mold them in a few words and share those beautiful moments with your children, your friends and with us.

With the Amar Pujo Amar Moto blog earlier, we asked you all to participate and share your ideas about what you miss about the pujo, in order for us to create a homely ambience in Amar Pujo. In Amar Potrika we expect similar participation and enthusiasm on a regular basis. We hope that this experience will be like travelling back to those days of your childhood when you were excited to pen down your articles, poems, and paintings for your school magazine! Even if you were not a budding writer as a kid, we are sure you have amassed enough stories to share now. You are encouraged to write about things that excite you, inspire you, even those that disturb you - we welcome it all.

What more can we say to make you open that laptop, iPad or your PC and key in those strokes and share a little of your life with us? We are sticking to our original vision of Amar Pujo “the spirit of oneness” with the community, for Amar Potrika and we are asking nothing less from you.  

Amar Pujo Toronto has embraced love, warmth, fun and togetherness for the last two years. You have showered us with the true spirit of ‘bangaliana’ in our humble endeavor, making each year successful than before. This creates a great deal of optimism and anticipation for Amar Potrika in the hope that it will be no different. We would like to say, “So pick your pen and jot down those thoughts for us”, but who are we fooling?! So, how about logging in and keying in those thoughts friends? We will look forward for those emails.

Team Amar Potrika


#6 Team Amar Potrika 2013-04-16 23:19
Thanks for all the valued comments and suggestions. We've started working on them already! Please keep sharing your comments / suggestions.
#5 Nanda 2013-04-15 21:01
Thanks to Amar Potrika for reminding me of my childhood days.We used to be very busy at this time for the preparation of the function at our neighborhood and school as well. The days I remember so exciting having butterfly in the stomach and at last dancing with the make up and jewellery made with flower. We used to have a magazine in our school for every season and I used to contribute by writing or painting.So Basonto ki likhi tomay,krshnochu ra son son son
#4 Chandana 2013-04-15 12:00
Just a little suggestion on our very much pretty E- Magazine!!

I guess…we all are little bit of fond of photography…so we can have a gallery section in our magazine…where we can upload some pictures…(may be 2 years journey of Amar Pujo or any other topic as well)
Every month we could put a topic…we all can share the pictures (originally taken by us) of that topic…
If we want…we can add a Voting button…so that people can vote for the best picture…dependi ng on that “Picture of the Month” could be recognized…
I guess it would be fun… :)
#3 Chandana 2013-04-15 11:45
Amar pujo…
It’s a great start…lovely web site….nice to have such platform to show our own talent without feeling hesitated…love this… :)
#2 Arpita Saha 2013-04-15 09:03
Amar Pujo te jara ei magazine er jonye dinpat o somoy pat korechen tader janai ajoshro donnobad o antorik subechha . amader ei uttar americar bokhhe , je koto guni manush ache , tader jono somokhhe tule anar kriti ebong iccher jonye , Amar Pujo abhibhabokder janai onek dhonnobad .
#1 Arpita Saha 2013-04-15 08:48
Souvik guhor chhara pore , "Abol Tabol " mone pore gelo . Sohoj manush aajo ache . dhonnobad .

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