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Durga Puja


Durga  Puja  is  a  wonderful  occasion  we  Hindus  celebrate  every  year. Our   Durga   Puja   is always in September or in October. This year our Durga Puja is in October. In Durga Puja, people get a chance to perform in front of other people. In Canada,   we celebrate   Durga Puja on the weekends. But  in  India  they  celebrate  it  on  the  weekends  or  the  weekdays. This year I am going to dance on a Bengali song. Also I will be part of a fashion show.

On   Durga Puja women wear salwar kameez or sarees. Men   wear   kurta pyajamas (well   most of the time). We pray to Durga thakur. I really appreciate Durga thakur. I hope you do too. Durga thakur is really really AWSOME!!!!!  

In Durga Puja we have a food drive. If you want you can donate food. All the food donated by the people will go to the ones in need.    

I am looking forward to an awesome Puja.

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Tiara Bhakat

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