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                                    Happy Durga Puja

Growing up in North America I never really attended any actual Indian puja but the ones that I have attended were great. It is something I don’t occasionally go to since there are no children so I get pretty bored. There are still ones where I get to enjoy the whole day with friends. There were people praying, chatting, eating delicacy’s but the best part was meeting new people to keep contact with for life.

I don’t know what the difference is with actual Indian puja’s but I am sure the change is unrecognizable. Starting from how nicely the people treat you to how they admire you in every way, you can just feel like they are family. Almost every puja shares comments like “You have grown a lot since the last time I saw you” or “You are such a smart young girl who I would really like as a daughter”. Nobody ever gives you rude comments to make you feel ashamed.

I have been to about 12 pujas in my life. I learned a lot on how to pray and the stories about the gods and goddesses of India. There is probably much more to learn but I know the basics of how Durga defeated the monster that was invading Earth. I am still sure though that there is a lot more to learn which is why puja would educate me. I also usually get what I pray for to make my wish for life come true.

I really want to go to another puja shortly and lucky for me, I will be joining Durga puja. It will be another fun day I can’t wait to be at. Happy Durga puja!!!   

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