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Of Sheuli, Sharodiya and Shilong - Paromita Deb


Ya Devi Sharbabhutashu……Many a soul just like me might have woken to the cold mornings of bath and shivering in Shillong, cursing the fact that the guy on the radio is back. But once the sleepy grumbles are over,the feeling of the grandeur and magnificence of the festival and festivity surrounding it gets on to us. Yes you still have to go to school/college/office, but you do so with an extra smile even if the outside world does not see it.


Durga puja for Shillongites outside Shillong is not as much about religion as it is about walking down memory lane, waft of the October breeze , smell of Shiulis in the morning, seeing them lying beneath the tree like a white carpet . The beauty of the Dhallias and Orchids and the chatter of mashis, phishies ,boudis , Kaku’s……It is happiness personified.

 Durga Puja for me is a reminder that happiness finds its way home. Every year wearing a new dress to the Pujobari, pandal-hopping like there is no tomorrow, and not even complaining about the shoe bite from which your feet are painfully aching now. Sitting down only to quench your thirst with a bottle of Thums Up …..(did some one say Goldspot?)Not protesting when your friends “force” the piping hot  alur chop for you to eat or the cold suji goes down your throat. The hot Bhog’ organized during Shasthi, Saptami and Navami. Looking for your that boudi/Dada who is serving , just to get that extra Phoolkopi …. Nostalgia, memories, food and Durga Puja festivities are inseparable….

Durga Puja means there is still hope…..

People of Shillong outside Shillong let us create an experience for anyone who has ever been part of Ma Durga’s homecoming. And leave a legacy behind, a footprint of sorts for the still tiny ones who will some day not so far away and remember Pujo is Toronto with the same warmth as us.....




#1 Debarati Chatterjee 2013-09-06 18:27
This comment is coming in quite late but that's 'cos I just read this post. All I want to say is that I am smiling after reading this and I'm not even from shillong. Very well expressed. Lovely writing

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