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Amar Pujo Amar Moto - Nandita Mukherjee


I keep asking myself, what is so special about Durga Puja that it stays with you throughout your life, wherever you are, even if you are thousands of miles away from the heart of Bengal. It crosses the boundary of religion and race, enchants all ages, and brings out right brain of Bengal like no other occassion. Looking back, it crosses my mind that the very special thing about Durga Puja is that it is “Sarbojoneen” – inclusive of all. Yes you have rituals at home, but the neighbourhood pandal, where people from other parts of the city also come to enjoy, is at the centre of it. This beautiful concept of reaching out and even going beyond your friends and family, makes it so very special.

This blog is meant to capture this “Sarbojoneen” concept, you sharing with us all your childhood memories, the joy, fun, tears and laughter, that you have within you, making it truly “Amar pujo, amar moto”






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