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Flashback - Nandita Mukherjee


This is the 3rd year of Amar Potrika Pujo Edition and 4th year of Amar Pujo Toronto’s Durga Pujo. While we started our very own version of celebrating chhotobala r pujo memories, ironically, with time, we have developed a nostalgia of our own in this Amar Pujo family and communities around. We have just reached kindergarten age and already we talk about how was the first Pujo, how in a very short time we brought idol from Kolkata, how we had put together a show out of nothing, just based on ideas and enthusiasm.Well, some of us have learned how to build website, some of us have learned detailed rituals of the Pujo, we fondly cheirsh stories like how we wondered where to get “lathis” for Dandiya..:), a very new concept in GTA Durga Pujo. We crossed the boundaries of a Bengali Pujo to become "Utsav" of global stature – all of these have become part of our being, our legacy (yes, legacy). Some of us in this process have become expert choreographers, program directors or performers and are second to none. Some of us are hugely passionate about food and make it a star attraction of our Pujo. Some of us take pride in making the pandal a work of fine art.

Potrika was started to complete this circle and let everyone express their ideas and talents, share memories and build memories. Kids showcase their very own version of Durga Pujo, which evolves year after year.  Coming on to its 3rd year, we have built a treasure of memories to cherish,with tons of literary pleasure, if not anything else !! Happy reading and keep sharing.



#4 Sunit Datta 2014-10-01 20:09
All of us here should be proud of what you have done in such a short time! Kudos!
#3 Bidisha 2014-10-01 16:44
Love it..
#2 Samar Mukherjee 2014-10-01 13:25
that was lucid and very very well expressed
#1 Shipra 2014-09-30 23:05
Wonderful flashback Nandita! All your hardwork to build this legacy will be fruitful soon! Shipra

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