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Baro mashe Pochis parbon - Bidisha Ghosh

Baro mashe Tero Pochis parbon 

It is that time of the year again!! The autumn sky, the flurry of the frequent, gentle breezes, the slight chill in the air, the Facebook posts and pictures of Pujo,  the ubiquitous sight of kash and … and then the arrival of the Goddess.

For a Bengali out of Bengal, Durga Pujo is an occasion that is perhaps the most loved and the most missed. It reminds all of us of the life back then, which was easier, rosier and prettier :)

But today when I started writing this mandatory nostalgic post about Durga Pujo and how we all miss  the crazy fervour that Kolkata dons during those five days and the sweet memories associated with it, I couldn’t help but thinking is it so bad here?  


Durga Pujo celebration knows no boundary. Wherever Bengalis are there, Durga Pujo is organised. Be it Canada, Singapore, USA, UK or any other far off land.  Replicating the sounds of dhak, the fragrant smoke of aarati, the clay protima and durga Pujo is in Bengali DNA.

This Pujo week, for most of us everything else will take backseat. We will do Pandal hopping here in Toronto with the same enthusiasm as we did in Kolkata. Yes, sure sometimes we have to curtail the celebration to keep it within the weekends but that doesn’t stop us from enjoying Durga Pujo to full extent.

Right when Pujo is over and we go through the post pujo hangover, our hunt for Diyas and candles start and we start our plan to celebrate Kalipujo/Diwali with equal glitz and charm (and fire crackersJ). This is of course while we attend all the ‘Bijoya sommelonis’ and ponder over the Pujo activities while checking the Pujo photos uploaded on Facebook.

And as we are busy with KaliPujo/Diwali merriment, the stores gets filled with the Halloween merchandises. Picking out the Halloween costume and decorate the house with scary bits and pieces are absolute must to celebrate the end of the harvest season in the west.

And when Halloween is here, Christmas cannot be far away – right? The countdown to Christmas begins on Halloween night and magically the pumpkins in front of the door, the orange table runner and placemats get replaced by red, green and gold the very next day. Christmas tree and lights come out of the basement and the shopping/sale season begins!!

Then comes New year, Valentine’s Day, Easter and so on. But in between Sarashwati Pujo, Dol, Poila Boishakh once again brings out our Bengali nostalgic selves.

For us there always seems to be a reason to celebrate :)


About me - Mother, wife, Daughter. I love to eat, shop and read. I also pretend to work for a living.  Optimistic, friendly,  happy…cynical, loner, grumpy...I am full of contradictions. I love Kolkata (and Howrah where I grew up). And I (Heart) Toronto too :)



#3 Shipra 2014-09-30 23:33
Very apt description of the Canadian Diaspora! Not only do we celebrate our festival, but also take pride in celebrating all other fun-filled celebrations.
#2 Arpita Saha 2014-09-30 22:44
The title is so apt. Very well written. I guess all the diasporic people are an amalgamation of baro masey ponchis parbon.
#1 SHOVINI DASGUPTA 2014-09-30 22:23
about me part ta best

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